Zombie Grinder

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  1. Hey guys
    i Died at my old zombie spawner when i was afk, died of hunger -.- anyone has one for sale? pls make sure its not on smp1 or 2.

  2. You can't die from hunger :/ Just get to half a heart
  3. well idk i died though idk why i assume from hunger but since u say i cant idk how i died anywasy who has one for sale?
  4. Even if you could die of hunger, why would this cause you to need another grinder?
  5. cuz i dont remember where it was? :p
  6. I could give you mine but I cant remember co-ords :)

    And I can't get ingame because I'm banned :D
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  7. Please do not swear on the forums. I have edited your post.
  8. I have a single zombie spawner on a #smp that won in a raffle but never used or made into a grinder I can give you cords of want
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  9. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/what-do-you-want-to-know-about-the-cow.12057/page-2#post-190027
    Does that include quotes too?:p
  10. I'd hate to see your grinder go to waste, NitroBlitz. If you send a message to a moderator, they might be able to give you the coordinates of where you died last to help you find it. You could save them then use Live Map to find your way back to it.

    Since Bonzd67 is here already, maybe they could help you out?
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  11. Reis mini map! Best thing to have when you die
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  12. I've taken the liberty to send him his last coordinates, along with a link to the live map.

    Can't get into the habit of that though, so ;)
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  13. thanks :D iil appreciate the cords guys
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  14. iil appreciate it :D
  15. iil gladly accept it thanks :D