Zolara In The Wild

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  1. Hello To everyone

    Please visit the pazzo empire form and follow the recruiting for them as we have joined forces apply at.


    We are a wild community that can be found within the Minecraft world of EMC on the server SMP9.
    Our goal is to build, be creative , inventive and most of all to have fun. We have everything to offer from a hotel for newcomers until they have a home. A massive Farm tower with everything in it, Exp grinders to be set up for public use. A effective 3 cell iron farm “for the days you don’t feel like digging”. A grand Central rail hall for every ones rail tunnling needs.
    The group of founders that started this new community were also the founders of Curthania also found within the same world.
    We have picked up and moved, and started a bigger and better wild community and well stand forever in time

    We are looking for new and creative builders both big and small , New and old and of all ages provided you have the wisdom to get along with others and play nice
    We offer everything you could ask of a community food shelter and the means to get stared on a epic adventure
    You can check out our website at http://zolara.guildlaunch.com
  2. oh nice thread intro death :)
  3. Seems something I would like, may I join?
  4. For every one wishing to join please go to the website and follow the application just so i can keep records of who is out building with us

    Beware its a long walk to us from town make sure you bring survival gear a boat and food

    Pm me once you have applied on the website i check it as much as i can through out the day and ill PM the cords once approved
  5. i joined on website can u tell me the cords?
  6. Hmm, interesting, I might look into this.
  7. Zolara The Wild Community is still recruiting skilled and active players to come build with us
  8. its epic!!!!!!
  9. I yust applied
  10. i died when i went there how do u get back
  11. you go the way you went...
  12. Well I went through the wild and it takes forever to get there
  13. yet you asked?
  14. Starting to do work for a beacon here