Ze's Digging Corp.

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  1. Have you ever just wanted to dig out your residence but never had the time to spend hours just digging out the dirt?

    I am here to help you with the time consuming job that you can't bare to dig out.


    If you want us to dig out layers...
    1 Layer: 500r
    2 Layers: 1,000r
    3 Layers: 1,500r
    4 Layers: 2,000r
    And so on...
    63 Layers: 31,000r
    How to place an order:

    Layers needed to be dug out:
    Time you would like it done:
    Total Price:
    Residence #:

    Example orders:

    1. Hey, I would like to have...
    Layers needed to be dug out: 4
    Total price: 3,200r
    Residence #: 16097

    2. Hey, I would like to have...
    Layers needed to be replaced with Iron blocks: 2
    Total price: 1,600r
    Residence #: 14858

    Extra Information

    If you have any questions about the service or anything that should/needs to be corrected, please PM ze7707
    -Don't be discouraged if there are no answers right away.
    -If you wish to cancel your order after it has been placed, PM ze7707 and let her know. The price for any work that has been done will be calculated and you will still be charged.
    -I (ze7707) have the right to decline a request
    -The land must be flat (it cant be all griefed looking)
    -Ze7707 will keep the orders organized so there are no mixups
  2. Bump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Layers needed to be dug out: 63
    Time you would like it done: How quickly can you do it?
    Total Price: 31,000
    Residence #: 10696, smp5
  4. I can do it in 2 weeks at the most but most likely 1 week
  5. Deal, can you finish it by the 20th?
  6. I can try...
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  7. Okay build perm set. Also, I think an entire res is actually 64 layers so I'll pay an extra 500r for the whole res.
  8. Its 64 if you count the bedrock, so, I will do 63
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  9. I'll pay an extra 5k and set up the chests if you store 52 of the 65 DCs of dirt you'll get from digging the res?
  10. Layers needed to be dug out: 63
    Time you would like it done: whenever is best
    Total Price: 31,000
    Residence #: 16600, smp8
  11. Layers needed to be dug out:63
    Time you would like it done: When you get time
    Total price: 31,000
    Residence#: /v DJWither_ on smp5.
  12. You've got your work cut out for you.
  13. Sure
  14. You are queued 2nd
  15. You are queued 3rd
  16. I'll pay 5 K also if you store all of the dirt in chests. I can set up a storage area.
  17. Canceled your 5 res order?
  18. Well it looked like mine would be a very long time, so if i still need them dug out when the wait is not as long, i will replace them haha,
  19. Alright, you haven't started by the time you said you might even be finished so I'm cancelling my order. It's not just that but I also don't really need it any more. -Thanks.