ZerreissenDirge's sorrowful introduction of darkness >.>

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  1. Hi a few of you here know me from gamekrib and as Zerreissen....i also used to go by Dirge when i pc gamed so i figured hybrid the names so feel free to call me Dirge or Zerr(short for zerreissen) i am 20 and enjoy gaming and am a "bum" as i donno what i wanna go to college for and cant find a job so i got alot of downtime sooo im sure i'll be in the server often...until then stay frosty and watch out for them exploding things i ran into and made me not wanna play minecraft anymore for the night xD

    ps.i am a total minecraft noob just started playing tonight and also pardon the lack of grammar and spelling mistakes i need to start using grammar and spelling stuff again
  2. Bahahahaha. Those green explodey things are called Creepers.
  3. well damn creepers Screwed my crap up(unsure of cursing in these forums >.>) also nursey thank you ^_^ so whats a good texture pack? i am intrigued by putting a diff texture pack on >.>
  4. thanks for not being mean and saying use google ^_^ <3's to you miss
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  5. no problemo ^__^ <3