Zelda and what to expect.

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  1. Hey EMC! So we got a wii U and the 3-DS has its zelda; A Link Between Worlds. So the Wii U needs its zelda. No Wind Waker doesn't count, its a remake. So this is what I want to see:
    • Fast pasted combat | I need battles like WW or TP or even OoT. It made combat interesting unlike PH/ST where you run up to a monster and just… cut it…
    •Longer Side quests | this is annoying to most ppl but I'm not talking about back and forth but rather like in TP where you needed 50 Poe souls to break a mans curse.
    • Use of the game pad | so the game pad must be used. Like if the skyloft birds (frogot name) could be steamed with the pad or it could be used to see through the hero's eyes for a new combat so we can have a strange first person game...
    • expansive world | we need more land to travel like WW which has all these islands with their own characteristics. Maybe we could have termina linked to hyrule with the Lost Forest. Or just a huge world
    •extensive combat | yes combat is my favorite in Zelda. So I thought we could battle other characters or players. It could be like Characters want to battle you to see if you should be able to enter hyrule field or their dark form in another realm
    •Child Timeline | it matters to me and from what I know is ganon died in TP and well... That's pretty much the end of him but MM and TP are FAR apart so stick somthin between

    So what do you want to see in this zelda?
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  2. I want to see a giant free roam world like tp but I like the combat and dungeons of skyward sword. I really like the exploration in wind waker. Combining wind Waker's side quests, tp's map, and ss's combat and dungeons, would be fantastic. Also, having every town be as full and expansive as clock town would be awesome.
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  3. Yes that's all it making zelda have a longer story is the point rather than being able to be beat in a day and then end of just like that! We need more combat!!