Zan's/Voxxel's MiniMap

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  1. I've tried to install Voxxel's minimap into my launcher using the manual method, and it all worked fine. However, when I went to launch the game with the profiles, it brought me to a game crash with some errors. I late figured out I had the 1.6.4 version of Voxxel's minimap installed instead of 1.7.4. Is anyone able to link me to a 1.7.4 version of Zan's/Voxxel's minimap? Thanks.
  2. Zan's is still 1.6, idk about Voxxel
    EDIT- Google confirmed that Voxxel is 1.6
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  3. Ah, so there isn't a minimap for 1.7.4 yet?
  4. Nope :3
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  5. Alright, guess I'll have to wait. Thanks.
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