Yummy AND Special!?

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  1. Yes, it may be hard to believe, but I am both Yummy and Special, but please just call me "Yummy." YumYum, Yumz, Yummy-kins, Yummeh, and the like are also accepted.

    Let's see...what else...

    My favorite things to build are redstone contraptions and arenas. MiniGames are my favorite and if you are looking for someone to build you an arena, I am the CraftMiner for the job. I have a Survival Games arena on my computer of medium size compared to those that you see over and over again on dedicated servers, and will build any type of arena or redstone contraption for you. I'll even do it to a certain building scheme if you want.

    Just let me know and I'll do it.

    P.S. This community looks great.
  2. Welcome to the Empire!
    Refer to me as the potato guy.
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  3. Welcome om-nom-nom-nivore!
    Enjoy your stay!
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  4. Welcome,
    You're very yummy.
    I am your local brick and muffin overlord :)
  5. I already like this guy. :D Welcome to EMC!!!
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  6. Welcome to the Empire! I hope you enjoy your stay here and get to make a lot of new friends!
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  7. Hello and welcome to EMC! :)

    Don't forget to check out the wiki. Apart from explaining the rules, it also has lots of info on our custom plugins and mobs. :D

  8. I hope to make lots of new friends too! I play on smp6 by the way, which is now the yummiest server.
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  9. ola welcome to dus empire
  10. Are you a skilled builder? Might have a job for you :D
  11. Here's a sample.
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  12. :eek:
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