[YT HELP] Need some suggestions!

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  1. As some of you might know, I have 2 YouTube channels. One used for gaming and the other for Nightcore videos.

    I need you guys' help on choosing songs that i should speed up and turn into Nightcore. It needs to have appropriate language, but can have mild swearing. I'd like it if you could suggest songs that aren't quite well known in the music industry. Also, please accompany your song with an anime picture that I can use. The picture needs to fit the song.

    So, please suggest some songs and if you can, check out my channels.

    If you suggest a song, I'll most definitely make sure to give you credit for it. I'll even post the song in the description and I'll write your name in the description of the video and on this thread!

    (I'll give the people who suggest songs that i use, 1K. You can get 1K multiple times.)

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    Added link.
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