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Should I use my Turtle Beach headset mic?

Yes 14 vote(s) 77.8%
No 1 vote(s) 5.6%
Ch1k1n 3 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. Hey guys

    I am creating this thread for both my sake and your sake. As I have just received some new headphones. Well...my dad's, but he is using them to read a book while listening to a e-book about the book to become a certified arborist. But I will use them more than him. So what are these headphones? The ones I have had for the longest time. Turtle Beach Ear Force X12. It comes with a mic. So that means I can now record with my voice! Though, I am not sure I should take my own word or my sister's word. As soundless said, it isn't a smart idea to project my voice into the public, especially the time you are going through as of now. But as I have learned, starting off with voice can possibly lead to success. So, in the poll, should I use a mic or not? Your choice.

    Also, some more updates, as you may now, Half-Life has been...cancelled on my channel, I hate windows movie maker publishing in 480p, and now I got lightworks which does 720p60fps and I also have half-life source. So I was wanting to bring it back. Which will happen, soon. Also some of you may know that I have mysteriously cancelled and delayed some games. I have lost interest in them.

    One more piece of this update. D-day. Why am I pulling this war date up? It is the day of my birthday, just 59 years ahead of time! On that day, I will have a livestream! On beam.pro, June 6th, I will livstream some ender dragon fights on EMC, and finding an end city. I will have 1 monitor, BUT I will have a chromebook for comments only and stuff like that. So be alert, here is my channel, go follow it and be sure to check it on June 6th. I was hoping to hold it at around 3:30 PM EMC Time. Now to the links :p

    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsRy6WhtiKnQawU88Hhf0sQ

    Beam: https://beam.pro/ShyguytheGamer1

    Lightworks: https://www.lwks.com/
  2. I wanted to vote yes but you put the option of ch1k1n and I couldn't help myself but yes I think you should use your mic. With most videos in general, I find it a lot less engaging when the person doing the video isn't speaking unless it is a montage or something. Good luck w/ the channel :)
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  3. The only way I can see a gameplay channel gain traction would be either if you used voice and/or camera commentary OR you did a lot of editing and basically made a montage out of it where your voice wouldn't matter.
  4. Bump. I am also in need of an intro
  5. Depends on your age in my opinion. If you're like younger than 12 no, but if you are 13 or older why not? You are a teenager after all. Of course you should speak with your parents first about it.
  6. I dont think anyone actually asks their parents before doing things on the internet lmao
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  7. I know. It's a suggestion, he seems to be concerned with his sister's opinion rather than his parents, but I may be wrong.
  8. What's up Shyguy, I haven't been active much the past few weeks but I'll go ahead and drop a reply on this thread for you.


    A lot of YouTubers who are just starting out come to me for advice, and the first question I ask them is if they use their voice in their videos or not. Using your voice helps you connect to your viewers a lot more than just typing to them or not communicating at all. They learn to love your voice and enjoy hearing it in every video you post, even if you don't have the greatest voice. If you want your channel to begin growing possibly 4x as fast as it is now, I strongly suggest using your voice in your videos.

    If you're looking for a quality intro but don't want to do it yourself, you can hire freelancers for as little as $10 to make you a really good intro. And trust me, a good intro can get your videos a long way, it makes you as a YouTuber look more professional.

    Other tips:
    -Advertise your videos as much as possible, there is bound to be a forums for almost any game you play so I would search around and try to find one, and post your videos there.

    -Connect with your subscribers and potential subscribers as much as possible, this is something I need to work at, a much bigger YouTuber I'm collabing with soon taught me this.

    -Work on your brand. I suggest contacting Erektus as soon as possible and get him to make you a channel picture and channel art, he did mine and he's working on a new channel art for me. Your brand means a lot more than a lot of YouTubers realize, it's distinguishes you from other channels.
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  9. *Looks for name*
  10. On what...

    Also I am able to get blue yeti studio!
  11. Collab list.
  12. what screen recorder are you using to record?
  13. I subbed, I'm gonna watch your videos when I get home from school.
  14. OBS
  15. New video coming out TODAY! A video explaining where the hell I have been, and another video today that will be-