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  1. Hey everyone, I was just wondering if recording YouTube videos is allowed in emc? :)
  2. What kind?
  3. And as far as I know, yes. People have done promo vids, tutorials, build examples, etc. all were allowed.
  4. All of the above! Thank you
  5. It's kind of annoying when you get 7 year olds with 4 subscribers saying "Say hi to YouTube!" But It's allowed and I'm guessing you're not 7 ;)
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  6. You never know, they might be.
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  7. Yeah I record youtube videos for it all the time! Click on my signature for some of my work ( I do them pretty good so I get featured in the empire guide )
    *Click on video reenactment for the videos*
  8. same here :) Empire MineCast!
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  9. Definitely not 7, rather 18 lol. Thanks! ill make sure to check everyone's youtube work out :)