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  2. you should like totally check it out =P
  3. Well I can't watch your videos at the moment, but looking at your channel, its a good start. Just try making a Youtube banner in the background. Also, grammar is important.

    P.S. What is UHC?
    P.S.S. Soon, maybe I could put your videos on my inactive minecraft website and make it active. I am not ready to give anyone the link because it does reveal part of my real name :p
  4. UHC = ultra hardcore
    also posting a update/Vlog vid right now processing takes a bit but should be fine
  5. Oh ok! I'll give you a sub, and watch your UHC videos on the week end. I do suggest that you start making your UHC stuff into 15 min videos, unless one whole UHC game (if its a minigame) takes that long. If its something like hardcore mode, with an ultra in front of it, then just break it down into 15 min excerpts (unless you get into an intense PvP fight at the end or you run into something interesting.)
  6. im not exaclly sure how to make highlights but uploading another vid atm
  7. Cool! I will! :)
  8. What do you mean highlights? I'm such a noob!