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  1. The 2nd Part to our little adventure map run through. Slowly starting to figure out the culprits in the bad audio quality and eliminating it one video at a time xD. By the time we get as many episodes as ZachScottGames we will crystal clear High Definition sound :p

    The description:

    iSmooch and LadyHayley find themselves back in school for this new kind of adventure map.

    The Map and list of rules and such can be found here:


    New Intro :) spent alot of time on it. Will Probably change as the series progresses.. but just needed a starting point.

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  2. YAY! part 2
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  3. wow, didnt expect to someone who actually wanted to watch it up at this hour xD
  4. It's only 7:15pm here in NZ
  5. xD everyone is a Kiwi these days it seems.
  6. Kiwi FTW!
  7. My favorite person in the world is a kiwi. so Im cool with that ;)
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  8. SLUMDOG, YOU ARE A KIWI?! I had no idea!! How's the Marmite situation treating you? Also, thanks for watching :)
  9. Well I am Indian, But since I have lived in New Zealand all my life, I call myself a kiwi.
    PS: the marmite situation not good
  10. You are a kiwi for sure :)
    I know right.. As soon as I heard, I rushed to the store. I'm trying to be sparing with it now.. <3
  11. and to think i just have a jar sitting over here in america.. and no toast to put it on
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