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  1. Hey EMC! So I have started to upload videos to youtube finally! Please check my channel out and subscribe, comment, and like! thanks so much! it would mean a lot for you guys to subscribe and watch my videos and please if you have a youtube channel maybe shout me out? :D
    thanks and have a great day!
    -Le Potato

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  2. Tis I le potato posting on teh interwebz!
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  3. Bump! :) just posted 3 more videos! crayyyzzzzz
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  4. Bump for the tube :) I encourage you to subscribe! I will be doing 1-3 videos a week! Plus a new series coming out this weekend hopefully. :D
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  5. The new series will be call, 10 hours diging a railway underground :D.
  6. Dude you'll be SO FAMOS!!!?!!!!!
  7. Ill be liek ceptainsparklis
  8. *Les pommes de terre*
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  9. Can I have your autograph!?!!?
  10. la brick is cool.
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  11. 'At least I'm not spamming'
    And btw, I liked your chicken tutorial. If you would make more, that'd be awesome. :D
  12. Wait wut chicken tutorial lol.
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  13. Maybe the whole point of this thread?
  14. ...
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  15. I will :) this weekend i plan on starting a new series as well
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  16. Sweet! Any hints? :p
    Btw when I'm done with my homework I'll subscribe :D
  17. Believe it or not, most people actually read the OP instead of blindly posting... Lol
  18. Gee I've never done THAT before /sarcasm.
    Come on now, I'm not that dyslexic lol.
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  19. Now now, equinox_boss, no need to be rude..

    And flamingpotato42, woot potato and youtube buddies. :D
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