YouTube: TheRaidersFallen

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  1. Me and soome friends recently set up a YouTube account called
    Right now the videos are pretty terrible, however we want you to help us (If your nice:p)
    If you suscribe like or just comment will try and get you on a lets play of ours!
    I will update as I go along!
  2. no i clicked the link
  3. hmm let me fix that
  4. you saw?
    Please tell me if we're any good it would help alot :)
  5. Try to improve these things:
    Mic Quality
    Picture Quality
    Try to get these:
    Solid fanbase
    Background for channel
    Links to other things.
  6. Thanks will do when able :)
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  7. I've done the avatar and Background but unfortunatly mic and pic probably wont improve :( I'm just broke.