YouTube the Empire 2 - Voting!

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Which video do you think was the best? READ DISCLAIMER BEFORE VOTING!

Poll closed Feb 21, 2013.
1 37 vote(s) 84.1%
2 4 vote(s) 9.1%
3 3 vote(s) 6.8%

  1. 1 2 3
    That time is here again! All videos entered into the competition are ready to be judged! The same rules apply as last time - although here's them in case you've forgotten:

    1. Any posts saying stuff like "VOTE 4 MEE!!!111" will be reported/deleted, and if I see it, you will lose 2 votes.
    2. You may vote for yourself on your main account - voting for yourself on alts isn't allowed.
    3. You may only vote at all on your main account - voting for others on alts isn't allowed. I'll deduct 5 + the amount of alts you used worth of votes if you're caught doing so.
    4. You may not go skipping around all the SMP's wearing (or not wearing) and cow costume, spamming chat by asking people to beg. Same applies to /tells, it's just plain rude.
    5. In the unlikely event of a tie, the winner will be settled by a game of rock, paper, scissors.
    6. In the unlikely event of the winner getting banned before the end of the contest, we must all laugh, then the runner up will be given the prize.
    7. In the unlikely event of someone actually reading this far, give yourself a cookie.
    8. No more entries are being accepted now. Try to enter and I'll just laugh.
    9. Constructive criticism is welcomed, however, please don't just say that you hated a video.
    10. I reserve the right to alter the rules if needed, since I'm sure I've missed something out...
    You have 14 days to decide on your winner - and to (most importantly) vote! Good look to everyone!

    So far, the prizes we're able to supply are:
    • 1 month of iron supporter
    • 15000r - thanks ninjaboy5656!
    • 25000r - thanks eklektoi!
    • 500r - thanks Jake_Bagby!
    Important disclaimer: By voting, you agree that the staff may check to see if you have used an alt account to vote multiple times and that if you have been found to do so, they may tell me:
    *If you're an video maker: who you are and that you tried to vote multiple times.
    *If you're just a voter: who you voted for (but not who you are) and how many times.
    Do not vote without agreeing to these terms.
    And yes - I have permission to start the vote.

    Also, coming soon: YouTube the Empire Redux - Battle of the Lets Plays ; )
  2. I have agreed to let JackBiggin post this thread. I am busy - so my 100% effort cannot be put in :(

    For money donations:
    Please send it to IcecreamPig! Not ME!
    For item donations:
    Please PM JackBiggin (include me) saying the item and where to pick or something
  3. I love seeing the Empire on youtube ;)
    Keep it up BunchOfBadgers
    And thanks to JackBiggin for making the thread xD

    EDIT: Oh and a warning
    Turning your volume up at the first video because the sound is low
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  4. I will donate the additional 15k that was on the prize list of Badger's thread. :)
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  5. Thank you so much!
  6. No problem. Do I make payment to you or someone else?
  7. Pay it to IcecreamPig please. :)
  8. Done. :)
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  9. 1 - Had alot of work put into it - pretty clearly..although the sound is really low.
    2 - It's just a timelapse...doesn't really have anything to do with the empire other than the fact that it's taking place in an Empire Residence.
    3 - Well...I like it. But the music...? :p
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  10. I made number 3 :p
    And to be honest, I did put alot of time into it :)
  11. 1 - Clearly states the message of what EMC has to offer and will offer in future. Soothing voice depicted everything which was a nice change.
    2 - Just no.
    3 - States what EMC offers, the muscial number I do not like. The editors' voice I did not like. Sounded like to much effort was being put in to make 'your' voice deeper.
  12. My Pros / Cons Listing

    1. Pro) Nice formed structure, soothing voice, depicts each point about EMC well - gives good examples. Good song choice too.
    Con) Uploaded vocal sound is a bit lower then music sound - have to cut up volume.

    2. Pro) A lot of effort was put into recording the destruction of the residence, Up-beat music.
    Con) Seemed as if this was a pre-recorded video you made - had nothing to do with showing the perks and availability of what one would receive for joining EMC.

    3. Pro) Nice spirit of gameplay - showed sun rising with the song we are the world (I'm assuming the depictation was saying that EMC - we work together to achieve our goals was the motto?) that's what i got out of it - i liked that aspect of it. Also showed some examples too, which is nice.
    Con) Video seemed a bit lengthy - No captions to depict what you were saying (hard to follow a bit)
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  13. One vote, Well, Atleast thats something.
    The worst part is that I voted on myself....;)
  14. The music taken is probably all somehow protected (maybe except for the second). Sooner or later they might get blocked (Video 3 is blocked already in germany).

    For content, I think in the first video the vault is kinda missing. This is a very exclusive feature compared to other servers. The second one doesnt really give us content about the server. About the third one I cant say anything, as it is blocked...

    Greetz Hasorko
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  15. Excellent work, everyone that entered. :)
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  16. I wonder if you could get the votes to be not public :eek:
  17. I believe that it's possible, staff member would need to do it though. I think there's a reason why it's public however :)
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  18. First by far (no offense to Pro_Gangsta or Thestar) but it was nice quality and very informative.
  19. What would that be? I'm just wondering. :)
  20. Er.

    DON'T VOTE 4 MEEE!!!!!1111
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