YouTube Residence Spotlight

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by JackBiggin, May 19, 2015.

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  2. Hmm, worth a shot! :D Also, nice link, "simonsmells" :p
  3. I dont know i started my res like 2 days ago XD

  4. Well, can't argue with that logic. *applies*
  5. You said you'll do a flyover, but will you want access to the residence too? My residence that I would like showcased is currently under renovation so the move flag is off, though it's pretty much complete, just needs a few finishing touches. I have my GCSE exams on at the minute though so I've got the finishing touches on hold, but I can get on to do some flags if that is needed, if my application goes through of course :)
  6. Move flag doesn't matter. #Magic :)
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  7. So could we possibly be seeing some activity on the YouTube channel? :D
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  8. I dug a layer of dirt off my res. Does that count as finished?
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  9. Best thing about this: Typeform <3
  10. Well, there still has been activity in the YouTuber team, but just things in the works :)
  11. #WorldDownloader
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  12. Well, I figured why not and entered a res BrenJone and I have been working on.
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  13. Is this only residences?
  14. Yerrrr Lerrrr (Yolo)
  15. "Residence" Showcase ;)

    If you've got something AMAZING in the wild though, PM me, and I might be able to use it in something.
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  16. Oh, my alt's res is horrible, but it's worth a shot either way.
  17. I might pm you when the castle for my outpost is finished.
  18. I have a res filled with random chests. I think that is good enough. /jk
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