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  1. Thanks to youtube and it's CRAPPY new system, i can't change my avatar because i cannot find a picture big enough for it's requirements, and it won't let me link anything or change my backround on my channel. I would /rant, but i don't feel like getting banned for heavy langauge
  2. (insert counter-rant here)

    Just kidding. Anyways, I feel for you. Youtube changes too often. :(
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  3. I modified my avatar picture fairly easy.
    Anything I can do to help?
  4. I love how the people that use youtube don't like the new updates, but the people at youtube try and think its great and its not.
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  5. Please find me a good picture to fit the requirements of Youtube's "Channel Art"
    I'd like it to be MLP related or religous.
    If you find one and i like, you'll be getting ALOT of $ in your pocket
  6. I could probably make one for you, but ill try to find one first, happy to help
  7. Thanks you SOOO much :D