[YOUTUBE] My Channel!

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  1. Hey guys! I've just created a YouTube channel and I thought that I'd share it with all you people reading this.

    Anyways, my YouTube channel is called PinkCaker and I've only made 3 videos. Disappointing, I know. But, I make minecraft videos. I've recently made a karaoke video and i think its pretty horrible. But, I would like it if you could come and explore my channel and maybe comment and like a few videos.

    If you're still reading, if you want to make a video with me and have your own YouTube account, message me.

    Channel Link: YouTube.Com/PinkCaker

    EDIT: I've made another channel for music! Click HERE!
  2. I'll subscribe in a bit. My computer won't let me log in to my youtube account ;-;
  3. link doesnt work
  4. ive changed it now :) TY for telling me.