[Youtube] Looking for a person to make me a youtube intro!

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  1. G'day EMCians!

    I'm looking into reopening my youtube account! But in order to do that I need a youtube intro! I already had a theme song made to go with it!

    If you're a skilled intro maker, contact me!

    I'm paying 50k to 100k for this project :)

    Let me know!

  2. babumpah!
  3. babbumpaz
  4. I am looking for one as well. But no luck. Just saying, you may not have any luck here with this.
  5. The only skilled intro maker I knew on EMC no longer does them. If you manage to find one, let me know who they are so I can hire them too lol.
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  6. Who was it?
  7. Sambish. No longer does them.
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