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  1. hey guys, i need help with my youtube channel, its boring and plain, i need a nice modern intro and a channel feature, like a decoration, would be great if you guys could check out my channel and if anyone has cinema 4d or something or can create a very very nice intro, i will pay 50 k for the one i like and 10k if you post one and i dont choose it.

    ~RoBoT ;)
  2. i need an intro too :/
  3. i would make you an intro but i have like no video makin systems or anything
  4. What kind of videos?

    How much would you pay for a neat channel background?
  5. could I use pivot stick figure animator? there is letters on there and ireccon i could make a good opening on it :) .
  6. I need a background as well... It might be a better idea to get some videos first...
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  7. Black ops glitches pretty much, updates on call of duty :) check out ogzxftw channel, a background like his would be nice
  8. I'll see what I can do - I'll start when I get some free time. :)
  9. I need a professional intro, I mostly like Fluro light blue with black
    (I could create my own easily, I just can't save in the demo version :( )
    I suggest using something like cinema 4d if you already have it
  10. Thanks mate :)
  11. I'm happy for you guys to inbox me questions about styles and ideas :)
  12. Please edit your posts into one reply :)
  13. I suggest Making A New Account As you already have a copyright strike so you will never get anywhere on youtube.
  14. On what video?
    And how come when everybody else uses a song the exact same dissent get caught? -_-