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  1. Hey everyone i was meaning to do this for sometime now but had no time what so ever to record.I want to get a group of 5-10 players on emc that record for youtube, to work together with me and make cool minecraft video's.It wont always be just about EMC we can work together on mini-games such as cops n robbers, adventure maps, pvp, ect.

    i just want a cool little group that can skype, you dont even have to record as long as you are willing to give your time to skype and enjoy cool stuff together, please let me know if you would like to help me and join the group below. :D
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  2. I may be interested, you should pm me with some more details, or something :D
  3. I can join, I have my own youtube in my sig
  4. I don't YouTube because my computer is terrible, but I would like to join to just help out with videos and to help advertise the Empire. If you would like to add me to the team, just PM me and i will give you my Skype and my schedule.
  5. Does the people in your group have to have their own channel, or can they just film with you?
  6. I have a server we can do and am a complete master of unique events. Need someone like this?
  7. you can record for yourself, all i need is to have people talk on skype
    i have my own server, i know how to make codes on it
  8. we arent really advertising emc as much as we are trying to make people have a fun time watching the videos while we have a fun time doing them
  9. I'm up for that as well.
  10. I would love to help then!
  11. I don't have a skype.... Ehm...
  12. make a skype its easy...
  13. If you need servers. Ask. I got 5 more servers today that are empty so...
  14. You should make one an FTB server
  15. Already doing that with samsimx :) PM me if you want to join.
  16. 5. Empty. servers. Do you use free hosting? Also can I use one of the servers for my youtube? (I may change my mind later)
  17. myself and sambish20 are trying to set up a battle dome :D

    should be fun for all in the group!
  18. I'm just a kid first of all, and I have to lie about my age, but I lied so that it said I was 21 years old but it said that I can't make the account. I entered all of the required fields, all except for the mobile phone cuz I don't have one and it's not required. But can I still be in the group?
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