Youtube Content ID Updates

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Do you like think these new changes are good.

It should be improved. 3 vote(s) 60.0%
It is fine. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
It is horrible. 2 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. If you have not heard, youtube has updated their copyright policy with Content ID, any MANY gamers of youtubers are being affected even though the claim is incorrect. I will post updates here:

    Sources with videos(some with explicit language)

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  2. Don't we have enough threads about this? Anyways, this is a good update, but the system still has some problems that need to be fixed.
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  3. The only other thread I see about this is yours, lol. Maybe we do. But hey, lots of people are getting videos claimed and this might impact the gaming side of YouTube if this isn't improved.

    EDIT: NVM on the yours part. I meant mrlegitislegit.
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  4. I think they make everything too complicated.
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  5. My honest opinion as a youtuber is that they are ruining the community on there with the updates that people do not like, such as the channel updates and the comments being changed. I remember the first few days after they changed the comments there were so many bobs being spammed around. I don't even post anymore because of the things they are doing.
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  6. As a *retired* YouTuber, I hate these new updates. They don't listen to the community's thoughts, and I can hardly ever find a video with comments enabled anymore because the youtubers have to go through and delete all the spam - and there's tons of it.

    They also implemented a new system for networks which really screws things over - be managed or be an affiliate. Managed = You don't earn money off the video until 3 days after it's uploaded (by which time the views will have died down and you'll get barely any money)
    Affiliate = You're chosen by your network because they trust you, and you begin to get your money as soon as your content is uploaded. Not many Youtubers will ever have the chance to get this 'role'.

    I was thinking of rejoining Youtube with a new account on the 1st January, but now that the way YT functions (in a way that I hope will eventually effect me :p) so...wrong, I might not...
  7. Yeah, there support team is horrible. They never actually listen to the viewers thoughts and opinions, which ruins there reputation.