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  1. Well since it's starting to be a trend I'll let y'all have my channel(s) name. Chespin Lover77(New Main)

    I have a account which I used to record roblox on (not to great lots of lag)(Chespin Escott)

    But I'm working on a new one (I've had the account for a while tho)

    I can't currently post any videos at all (my phone doesn't have a working camera, and my pc can't have anything on it except for mc) but I'm working on it. I'm saving up money to buy a better laptop (not a cheap one for sale this time :p) and good recording gear to record various games such as MC (Duh :3), Roblox, Etc.
    But in the mean time if ya wanna help my channel grow please subscribe :)

    I have 1 video from when I got my camera to temp. Work
    And might be able to retrieve my other videos from my old phone.
    But enough with the chatter
    When you got a sub:

    Please like and subscribe lol ;)
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  2. Theres a video section ;)
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