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  1. It's been 51 months since I last posted a video on youtube ... I went onto my account and changed my profile pic, background image, channel title, and deleted all my videos except for one so i can start over completely.

    Here is my channel:

    I posted my first 3 videos in over 2 years last night on there....

    If you have any suggestions for a video, please give me ideas :) i'll take all
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  2. Woah you live in Italy?
  3. Ho usato a, ora io vivo negli stati uniti.
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  4. Cool! I'm Italian too. :)
  5. But it says you live in Austin, Texas
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  6. He never said he lived there he said he is Italian :3
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  7. You could do mod reviews and i could be in them and together we shall become THE GREATEST YOUTUBERS KNOWN TO MAN or pony.
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  8. Hmm installing ... and trying out each mods - doesn't seem like a bad idea :3 i'll think about it
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  9. I tried to do that, my only issue is i cannot run a recording program and minecraft at the same time due to a 3-4 year old Dell laptop..........I can run them apart just if i ever needed to record my computer doing nothing i'm all set.
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  10. I live in Austin, but i go to Italy every year to see friends and family. I am fulent in Italian, too.

    Your channel is pretty good. Try making funny minecratt videos with friends.