Youtube Channel! :D

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  1. Hey guys ElectricKiwi here,
    I have recently started up a channel on youtube and really need advice for how I am doing and what I need to do better. I want to make my channel the best that I can and that's what I need comments and advice for. If you are up for a challenge (cause trust me you will probably have a lot to say), I would appreciate it if you (and only if you want to) check out my channel for feedback. Thank you to all who are willing to help!

    Channel Link:
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  2. It's actually really good for a start, but the hotbar is cut off from the clip, so that needs to be #1 on the fix list.
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  3. Thank you for your feedback! And yes i figured out the problem, I was trying to record in fullscreen which cut off the hotbar.
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