Youtube channel [Builders searched]

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  1. Hey,

    My youtube channel is wesleyquinten,
    i need some people like 3 to build on my server for huge structure's i record 'em and you get credit for it! Wanna help
    Build experience
    Days on EMC:

  2. Username: nfell2009
    Age: 14
    Build experience: run my own server so build by myself
    Days on EMC: 248
    Styles: Modern classic
  3. Wish I could help, but pixel art is my thing.
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  4. Username: Eclipsys
    Age: 18
    Build experience: -->
    Days on EMC: 340
    Styles: anything from modern to classic to sci-fi and so on
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  5. Ditto!
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  6. And he got hes own language!
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  7. Eclipsys is epic added
  8. I do think so 2 ( i'm Co.-owner of the server)
  9. Can i join?
    Age: 13
    Build experience: From my res and other creative servers
    Age in Empire: 230
    styles: temple