youtube (and other videowebsites) doesn't work for me D:

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Arcaniax, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. error.JPG idk what happened :(
  2. working for me
  3. lol i know it's only on my computer :( (firefox)
  4. Does that for me after I afk in the middle of a video for awhile. I just have to refresh and it starts back up fine.
  5. it's all the time for me ;( refreshing doesn't help D:
  6. No problems for me :D
  7. Try updating your Flash thingy :)
  8. I suspect this is related to the other problem you described in your other thread, Brennian. When I Googled around I found some threads that suggested that problem was caused by some adware that tries to make your computer use ipv6 instead of ipv4 and your ISP has problems with it. If that's the case, you're going to find a lot of things don't work until you fix it.

    Try running Malwarebytes and see if it finds anything.
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  9. Obviously this isn't your problem though
  10. Works for me.
  11. this isnt helping anyone. its almost bragging in my book. please, post helpful things, not it works for you :)
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  12. How upsetting - you're telling yourself off...
  13. There are other video sites other than youtube :eek:
  14. it sounds like someone put restrictions on what you can do with your internet, before you complained about not being able to get on empire, and now videos. sounds like parents. lol
  15. I'm just saying what I have to do when I get the same error message, not bragging.
  16. Might I suggest you run your Antivirus.
  17. I know why. this happens at my school. they block youtube's webservers, so even if you manage to get to the actual site, the video image is exactly like the one in the OP. this is caused by int his case Microsoft Fortiguard
  18. With you being a parent and all, I think i'm siding more with the 'its blocked' rather than 'you have a virus' xD
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  19. yep. video webpages and not aloud to log onto things with random creepy people... and then its only for his computer. sounds like he was either doing things with the computer before he shouldn't have and mommy and daddy are pissed. lol