Your Wool Art

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Do you like wool art?

Yes 13 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Ill start us off 2012-01-21_22.46.08.png
  2. Your pics of your wool art don't have to be on the servers.
  3. I made it on creative singleplayer. Ill put it up soon. :)
  4. Here is another by me

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  5. So far everyone likes wool art. And I have to admit the things people make with wool are usually impressive
  6. Yeah wool art is pretty cool especially mine
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  7. Lol i lost the save cos i blow it up and didnt backup. Lol
  8. I won the wool art contest!!! 2nd place though. that's still awesome!
  9. Yaaay finally a place for Wool Art :D
    Anyway here is my first picrue:
    Hope you like it :)
    Soon I will come with a statue of a chicken ;)
  10. I am not going to post all my entries here, but you can check them out on the wool contest page :)
  11. I can't remember who, but one player has a huge Charizard on their lot. That's pretty cool. :)
  12. its darkmorr360 who has the Charizard.
  13. you don't have to put all of your wool art on here just some would be cool.
  14. alright im going to start a contest, a wool art contest, it has to be on a server. post a pic of your wool this is the application
    Submission (up to three)
    -res number-and what it is
    1st prize is 1000r 2nd is 500r and third is 20 of each wool.
    the prizes will be bigger if you donate some rupees to me.
    send me a message if you donated
    tell your friends
    Contest starts February 8- March 1st.
  15. I will have a Microsoft Excel with all the entry's I will post it later though
  16. Name: matstar1
    Server: Smp2
    Submission: all 3 On my res
    -lot: 3002
    -res number-and what it is ok it is Gumba, Mushroom,(Both From Mario) & finally a face
  17. Can you please post a pic? If not tell me.
  18. Actually I will take the pic for you matstar1
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  19. lol i could of BE CAREFULL there is a hole