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  1. i wanted to rebuild the house i have on my lot. if i do the reset command, what will happen to the animals i have bought? will they still be there when i do that or do i really have to take everything down piece by piece?
  2. When you reset your lot you lose every block in it, including chests with items in them. It does not kill the animals BUT if the animals are underground after the reset (or really high above aground) it may kill them from suffocating (or falling), I have never tried it.
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  3. If it's feasible, you could always use wheat to lead your animals to a safe place (if they are underground or in the air, that is--assuming there's a safe way to walk from where they are to where you want them.)
  4. On my last reset/unclaim, my chickens, which were at bedrock prior to reset, were brought up to the surface level on the grass. I don't know if it was ALL of my chickens, some may have died, but some did survive too. If you have the ability to store them elsewhere for a short time (neighbors lot?) i would recommend doing that prior to reset.
  5. Those are the chickens that live in the Graveyard now! :p
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  6. Lol, that's a long trip, i unclaimed on smp3, and the graveyard is on smp1 :p
  7. thank you so much!

    also on another note, i tore down my house instead of just resetting it, so now its all level.. but
    i have my chickens, cows and sheep where they were.. but i want to dig them deeper down at least 30 blocks, is there an easier way to just poof a 30 by 30 area instead of diffing digging digging... like a destruction wand?
    or would anyone be willing to help me dig? lol

    this is going to be a pain lol
  8. You buy the TNT, I'll come and set it off. I can't guarantee that I'll know what I'm doing, though. (Anyone for flying roasted beef?)
  9. can i buy TNT?
  10. Hmmm flying roasted beef!
  11. :D

    I had never used TNT and didn't known anything about it. Since, I have used it twice on one of my res-es. I still don't know if a non-Diamond has the ability to set the necessary flags on their res so that a Diamond could then be hired to do the demolition. It became inconsequential when she did the work manually.
  12. I think they can't set TNT perm.
  13. Sorry all, the TNT info is sticky in the supporters forums. I plan on adding this to a new guide section called "supporters"
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