Your Halloween costumes!

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  1. I'm going as zombie scout from Team Fortress 2 (Combine my favourite TV Show, the walking dead, with my favourite FPS, and zombie scout was born). I don't have the costume ready yet, but I have some sneakers, a baseball bat and a cap, and my mum is going to make some realistic looking blood.

    She should have took up special effects instead of looking after kids who have life-changing disabilities and babysitting :p

    I'll post a picture tomorrow! :)

    Also, djozane (my friend from school) is going as a penguin. Starpuncher (my brother) is going as Slenderman, and legohoruswho (another friend from school) is going as the joker because he loves batman.
  2. Also, zombie scout:
  3. I love batman, too.
    Your friend has good taste

    Second :I
  4. HA! Ninja'd.
  5. Your brother and I share a common interest... except I'm the real thing!
  6. Yes.