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  1. Recently upgraded my rig to play the new BF3 DLC Aftermath with at least 90 frames and I though why not start a thread where everyone can show off there epic or awful PC set-ups, :D s here I am creating a thread, so feel free to post a picture of your desktop and write about your PC specs! And yeah this is a slight rip off of those "Show us your Desktop" Threads but this is 20% cooler. :p

    Ill start
    My Desktop

    Motherboard - ASUS M5A97 AM3+
    Graphics Card- Sapphire Readon HD 7970 Vapour-X Ghx Edition OC - 1250mhz
    Processor - AMD FX 4170 OC 4.2 Ghz (just found it's bottlenecking my GPU D:)
    HDD and Storage 150GB SSD 1TB HDD 7200rpm
    12GB 1666mhz RAM
    550w XFX PSU
    Headphones- JVC XX HA S4X Bass (I love these to bits only £30 and sound almost as good as my mates Dr Dre's Beats)
    Mouse R.A.T 5 Gaming Mouse
    Not the best definitely not the worst but I'd love to have a better Upload speed! .. and CPU
  2. Monitor on the right is a 24" and the other on is 18"

    Processor: AMD athlon II X2 245 2.90 GHz
    RAM: @GB going to get more for a Christmas present(Late)
    MotherBoard: Dual Bios
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT
  3. Okay,So this is a start

    Keyboard: Corsair K60 Mechanical Keyboard
    Mouse: Logitech G500
    Screen 1 : Asus
    Scren 2: Benq
    Headset: Ace Edge SX400
    Speakers and bass: Logitech expensiv system :)
    Drawboard: Baboo Wacomb

    Intel i5 2500k overclocked to 4.06 GHZ
    16GB ram
    1000GB Harddrive
    320GB Harddrive
    1200W Netpart
    Some Fancontroller
    2x Logitech DVD Reader and Writer
    GTX 580 3GB Slightly overclocked from stock.
    Asus Extreme Edge Mother board :)

    More coming soon :)
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  4. I think I'm going to get really jelly of others.
  5. There appears to be something that runs on steam next to you're computer tower.
  6. old case new PC parts
    my dad it's sad to say has better EVERYTHING but GPU XD he has i73770K dual Ethernet (somehow it makes websites load like 5000 times faster 7 HDD's and uses it for Work ONLY!

    and it's water cooled and that's broken so it now runs on steam! because it runs off a broken water cooler? .... get it... ok bad joke.
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  7. Desktop Pic.JPG Here is my Setup
    MotherBoard:MSI MS-7778
    Prosesscor AMD A8-5500
    Memory: 6 GB
    Video Graphics: INtregrated Graphics
    Networking: Wirless and Ethernet
    Hard drive 1tb
    CD SuperMulti DVD
    IF you want to see more... Go to this webpage:
  8. specs? and what is that TV?! it's massive!
  9. Using, how sly and naughty...
  10. lol the tv is small... is about a size of a Wide Screen PC moniter its wide screen and the specs are in it i just editted it in its also basically new i got it for xmas :D and yes its a tv but is High Def.
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  11. :D I am saving up for a Gold Membership
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  12. Giving us all viruses isn't the way to go around it :)
  13. specs?
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  14. how does give you viruses?
  15. from the ads it shows. i have gotten at least 100, but stopped every single one.
  16. lol add block! and I have kasp on so it like lcoks any file sharing it takes 2 password to download a picture from google XD I NEVER get viruses
  17. My laptop is a very powerful Asus g75VW, so I just game wherever I want to if I can plug it in.
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  18. Added
  19. Hey... You would get Virus from this Website also look down below theres an add ... SEE
  20. What?
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