Your favourite Mod.

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  1. Hi there I was wondering what your favourite Mod is?
  2. Optifine or Rei's minimap.
  3. i like both of the above. but flan's mod's have to be the best

    and i dont have a fav moderator as they all do well at their job :D
  4. ControlPack.

    Optifine and Reis are def game improvers, but they dont improve gameplay and usability anywhere as much as ControlPack does.
  5. Aikar is my favorite Mod.
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  6. My favorite Mods are Aikar, IcecreamCow, Green_Mystery, shaunwhite1982, Faustlauncher, R0bbieJo, ISMOOCH, Twitch1, GameKribJim, JustinGuy, NurseKillJoy, Malicaii12, AndrewBuchinger, d1223m, and EdmundWayne.
    *Edit* BigDavie. <_<
    *Edit* Amadai o_o
    *Edit* Crazy1808 :D

    Sorry if I left any of the Staff out. >_>
    Oh wait, you were asking about.. *Cough*
    Rei's Minimap.
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  7. You forgot Bigdavie.
  8. Mods. Not
  9. ikr
  10. Favorite Mod: I guess rei's minimap since in 1.3, we dont need mods to spawn stuff (TMI would have been my favorite)
    Favorite Moderator: Probably..... hmmm, can't pick :D
  11. I was making a funny. I always read the content of a thread before I post. :D
  12. Fun fact for you, This thread started out with a favourite moderator, His was Justin, I replied Optifine and rei's minimap and it got changed.
  13. Must of been while I was asleep. o_o
  14. The Aether Mod wish they would update to new minecraft.. IT WOULD BE AMAZING!

    Other mods that aren't discontinued: Mo' Explosives.. I'ma pyro Waffle :p
  15. :(
  16. And crazy! HOW could you forget the craziest member on EMC? :p I just kidding bud ;)
  17. Fix'd.