Your favourite minecraft youtuber?

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  1. Hi guys so today i was wondering what are your favourite youtubers for minecraft. The MOJANG youtube account does not count because it is mostly trailers and updates.

    My favourite has to be TheSyndicateProject and CaptainSparklez
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  2. Empire Minecast <3 FTW
  3. D: what about ismoosh's videos channel D: you are so crule toward fellow staff :p (jk)
  4. Empire Minecast!!
    does that mean im your favorite youtuber ;)
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  5. No but your good enough for me to smoosh you :3
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  6. would have to be Urmomsmittens.
  7. kuledud3
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  8. yes im on a list.. sort of...
  9. EthosLab MonkeyFarm theyre pretty cool
  10. Empire Minecast and SethBling.

    Edit: Weird that nobody's said the *o*s*a*t. Can you figure it out? :)
  11. To be honest it is me. I am my favorite Minecraft youtuber >: D
  12. there is nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments.

    i see what you did there.

    And plus.. they are so mainstream now :p
  13. MonkeyFarm is pretty great. TobyGames is pretty funny to watch as well.
  14. I'd have to go with either Toby Games or Zack Scott Games
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  15. zack scott isnt my favorite.. but he definitely has my most favorite video.

  16. Im a youtuber :D but im not anyones favorite :oops: But, I like Uberhaxornova, and SMOOCH is mah second :D
  17. Haha, that's definitely the best one by far! His videos aren't as good anymore, but I still enjoy some of them from time to time. I don't care too much for the episodes when they get really inappropriate though
  18. TobyGames and Empire Minecast. FTW.