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  1. I know we have a 'music' thread already, but I made this thread to share your favourite music. Go ahead and post. Feel free to post lyrics if you want xD Also, just give a warning if they have cussing/adult themes in them.

  2. Oh yeah, couldn't fit this one on...Just note it can make you cry a little.
  3. Im currentl into solo artists pike LTRtunes that guy makes amazing feeling songs. But if your feeling down it doesnt help... Well some does.

    Cant post any yet
    Im on my phones so no
    Links :/ but uf you want go in youtube and Search LTR94 most of it is some good stuff.
  4. "Bleeding Heart" by Jimi Hendrix. One of the grooviest songs ever.
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  5. Warning: you might cry after listening to this one
  6. <3

    Also Good
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