Your Favorite Player Shop

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JeffResc, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Comment below your favorite player shop, such as 1112 or 413. Or a players name such as Todd_Vinton or awesomecow12342
  2. Well im on smp5, so im gonna have to say shavingfoam.
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  3. Cool i'm smp1
  4. On smp4, trommis99 and cadgamer101
    Trommis struggles with stock on some things, but he trys more then I ever could and we all respect him for that
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  5. Great comment!
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  6. Um.
    4005 3004 413 1112
  7. 14859, 14141. They're all I know on SMP 7.
  8. /shop :D
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  9. /shop is my favorite, best prices you'll ever see. :)
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  10. I love /shop! Whenever I get bored, and I need a laugh, I can always go there! :p
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  11. smp2 4005, but that is only because Ilostmyshorts and krysyyjan9191 are closed
  12. 4005, 3004 smp2

    Also /v queendiva1 (SMP 9)
  13. 3026 on smp2 because ricer is cool and stuff
  14. yea but he never stocks
  15. But you know, when he does, it's a nice shop
  16. I like 9000 on smp 4