Your favorite Minecraft glitch!

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  1. I was looking through Minecraft updates, and thought how there have been over 300 bugs fixed in Minecraft. Now for me to ask you; Which one's your favorite of them? It can be one you've found, or one that was removed. It doesn't matter how old they are. If you've posted it/them, you can still discuss them. Here's my personal favorite of them all:

    Creating world with seed and map world “QUATREPOINTDEUX” fails
  2. I like how a piston is able to have the extension in 3 different positions at once. :D

    EDIT: Also, please elaborate on the seed fail. I want to try it myself. :p
  3. What do you mean it fails :confused: I'm playing it right now, it loaded up fine...
  4. I copied it exactly out of the Minecraft menu, and the glitch was fixed in 1.4.4.
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  5. I didn't try it, but if you watch the redstone portion of minecon 2012 you'll here about a glitch where you ride a pig in the water, get into bed without getting off the pig, kill the pig while in bed, get up, break he bed, travel in a minecraft, and you obtain ghost mode.
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  6. Herobrine.
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  7. Herobrine's not a glitch or a feature. The -Removed Herobrine fix is fake, and Notch and Jeb do that as a tradition. He was NEVER added in Minecraft.
  8. I have several, but I'll just name one. Not even sure if this is a glitch, when there's multiple sand blocks stacked on top of each other, and you destroy the bottom one whilst quickly placing a torch - the sand falls down and breaks when making contact to the torch. :)
  9. In one of the verions (before 1.8) there was added a mob called "monster" it looked like steve and I don't know if that was ment to be Herobrine but it got removed the next patch after it came out :)
  10. its code still is in minecraft in some form :eek: i say herobrine
  11. The Herobrine line from beta 1.6.6 is real actually.. Herobrine is "rumored" to be remnants of the Human mob which was supposedly fully "disabled" in Beta 1.6.6. Mojang's Official standpoint:
  12. That never happened...
  13. And this is NOT a Herobrine thread! Stop posting about him, he's not a glitch or a feature! His code was never added, it was just the Human mob! Now stop talking about it! Look at the title of the thread. Where does it say Herobrine?
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  14. I liked the floating sand glitch as well :p
    Once you break the botttom block, TIMBER!
  15. My favorite glitch is when in a superflat mode, you get a few chunks of biomes. Or underwater villages, heh, drowning people, lol.
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  16. "GOLLY, I LOVE THE SPRINTING GLITCH", said no Minecrafter ever.

    I love the glitch when mobs sink into the ground.
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  17. I liked the glitch that made servers crash if you made gravel or sand fall onto Netherwart.
  18. Ghost pants.
  19. The one glitch that randomly (And very rarely) causes a computer to blue screen while jumping and placing a block overhead.. xD
  20. In 1.4.2 (and possibly older versions) there was a glitch where if you closed a door on yourself, then logged out and then back in, you would teleport to the nearest two air blocks above the door. I call it the "instant elevator" glitch, and I made a YouTube video about it.