Your Favorite Fair Food

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  1. It is Summer and Summer time means county faire's!! Since my county fair is going on right now and I am going later this week I would like to see what everyone else's favorite fair food is. Wether Chocolate Covered Bacon, to Deep Fried Butter there is something for everyone. Just put what your favorite fair food is in the comments and anything else you like about the county fair! Have Fun
  2. Elephant ears, candy apples, and snow cones. Like a bawse.
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  3. I wanna try deep fried oreos...
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  4. Try deep fried Snicker Bars, their yummy.
  5. ok im going in 3 days will do
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  6. The only fair I go to is the renaissance fair. In full armor. Wouldn't do to eat anything else but turkey legs.
  7. Our equivalent of a fair in Australia is the Royal Show, which at its core is an agricultural festival. Our foods here are somewhat less ridiculous, for lack of a better word. We stick to the good old fashioned stuff like hot dogs, corn dogs, pies and cotton candy.

    Personally I can never have enough corn dogs, or as they are shamefully called here, pluto pups or dagwood dogs.
  8. i like funnel cakes and deep fried snicker's i tried a deep fried twinkie once and felt like crap for the rest of the day I've heard of deep fried lemonade before sounds nasty but i would like to try it
  9. Chop beef sandwich with some homeade potato salad....mmmm good eating :D
  10. I'm going to the fair today!! Time to have a deep fried snickers