Your fave thing in 1.3?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by no_thing, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. So 1.3 is nearly here and the list of fixes and new stuff is huge!
    I want to know what you are most looking forward to in this update.
    So leave your comments bellow!
  2. Mine is how signs stack to 16...
    And buckets work with dispensers
  3. I've got a question for you, since I haven't downloaded it.

    Are tripwire's reuseable? Do they stay on the ground after someone walks on them?
  4. My fave thing will be faster boats. Boats not crashing on lillypads and desert pyramids. The first thing I will do is find and explore one. After I plant some cocoa beans.
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  5. Yes they stay there.
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  6. hmm I like all
  7. I love all updates! Rotable logs yes!
  8. I'm looking forward to the villager trading and the pyramids :)
  9. Writable books all the way! I feel as a good writer I may be able to make some money in the book writing business.
  10. I like the enchanting max level to only 30 and the end chests :D
  11. i like orginized created
  12. Writable Books FTW. Need proof? Look at my sig.
  13. Pretty Emeralds

  14. Heh, heh, heh.
    Pretty Pretty, Shiny Shiny.
  15. BTW I like the color green