Your fave music and stuff

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  1. I thought it was time we had another one of these threads (the threads that take ages to load and crash Flash :D !).
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  2. Also, what kind of Liverpudlian would I be if I didn't like this song?
  3. Nirvana
    Green Day
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    The Beatles
    Arctic Monkeys
    The Monkees

    Just to name a few... I have a lot of other songs on my phone from various other artists, some bands like WAVVES and Battle Tapes I only have say one or two songs from, but others I'll have a few or more from, mainly the ones listed above in which I tend to keep their albums saved ;)
  4. Song's I love at the moment...

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  5. *tries to crash everyone ;}*
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  6. Your song choice here is...

    I have this song on my phone, it's a great song! :D
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  7. Anything and everything by Garth Brooks.

    Google him for a complete collection. I finally get to see him in concert this FRIDAY!!!!!!!!
  8. Favorites? Ooh, that's hard.

    I kind of have off tastes, so don't judge :p

    Favorite bands:
    Fallout Boy
    Arctic Monkeys
    Imagine Dragons

    I think that just about sums up my entire music library.
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  9. Fallout Boy was decent about a decade ago when I was a teenager :p My little sister is obsessed with their new stuff now but I just can't get into it. Also, I think everyone loves coldplay.
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    • I like "Lean On" by Major Lazer
  10. My brother and sister like Fallout Boy. They were great when I was a kid (only about 10 years ago :p), but I really can't stand their music nowadays. They also both hate Coldplay (as does everyone I know my age...), yet the rest of my family love them :p

    Speaking of songs from my childhood (ones that I still like)...

    (Yes, my parents grew up in the 70s and exposed me to dangerous amounts of 70s... I now have a severe case of 70s/80s poisoning)

    I'd post a ton of Pink Floyd here but I can't be bothered :p
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  11. During One Act Play competition in High School, we were bored waiting, so I taught my whole cast the dance to that song (Hoedown Throwdown) and some of my favorite guilty pleasure songs are from Hannah Montana. I maintain that her songs are just empowering (and likely because Billy Ray helped write them).
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  12. Personal Favorite, after actually going to the event.
  13. Hoedown Throwdown is my favourite :')
  14. Wait, WAIT...

    How do you define "kid?"

    Because I thought you were around my age, at least I thought you said something about your age a while ago that was relatively similar to my age (I am fifteen).

    Anyways yeah I do listen to a lot of their (Fallout Boy) newer stuff, and I certainly don't mind it at the very least. In fact I like their new content more than their old content.