Your Fame?

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  1. Here's how it works: you tell the guy above you how famous you think they are on EMC, then say how famous you think you are.

    I'll start: Fairly Well-Known, I'm pretty active on EMC and the forums.
  2. Princebee: Kinda well-known, only heard of him once.
    Smile3: Well knownish on forums, not at all in the servers.
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  3. Smile3: Well-known by many MANY people on forums
    333kirby: Well known by a lot of people both in-game and in-forum
  4. Well known but not by me, this is the.... 3rd time I have seen him post.

    Well, I am kinda well known on the forums, and mostly known by smp2.
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  5. Fairly well known on the forums. Haven't seen in game besides smp2.

    Not very well known by anyone on the forums, known well by friends made on other servers.
  6. No idea who they are.

    For me? I'm trying to fill in some of the gap of a void left by a certain derpy albino magician.
  7. Kman122000 somewhat active on the forums, but still well-known by many
    Shon14 active member, i hide in the underbelly
  8. Shon14: I see him fairly regularly in-game.
    Me: Most unknown person EVAR
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  9. Haven't really seen Shon14 much ingame(I use SMP1)or on forums.
    I am not that active in forums and not that popular ingame.
  10. JackBiggin: Who? Never heard of him.

    Me: Well-known, but more known for being the creepy guy in the corner.
  11. HylianNija: Well know on forums never seen him in game
    Me: Pretty well know on forums not to well know in game
  12. Hylian Ninja: I've seen him bidding on auctions

    Myself: One of the Oldest active members on EMC :)
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  13. It's hard not to know you.
    Me: eh, I wouldn't be surprised if someone didn't know I exsisted.
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  14. Somewhat famous

    My famous level is over 9000.
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  15. Pro_G4NGST4: Never seen you :p
    Me: I was fairly well know but then I took a break so not that well known
  16. Podkid7: never heard of or seen you.
    Me: I haven't met someone that doesn't know me in-game :p so.. i'm fairly well known i think
  17. MritsLegit: No, just over 8999.
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  18. You guys missed me... :(

    I would say you're somewhat famous.

    Once again, my fame level is over 9000.
  19. Legit - Seen you around...

    Me - Now who da hell is this guy?
  20. I know you from around, but not alot.
    I'm fairly well known i think