Your Bored Creations

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  1. When I'm bored of something or I can't find anyone who I want to chill with on the server, I go into SP and build random stuff. Am I the only one? Today I decided to build a house, simple I know, but hey it broke my boredom. 2013-01-05_20.43.17.png 2013-01-05_20.43.26.png 2013-01-05_20.43.34.png 2013-01-05_20.43.38.png
  2. 1) What texture pack is that? That's awesome!
    2) That building is awesome!
    3) I love doing that also.
  3. 1) Its Dokucraft High
    2) Thanks :) I really am not that great of a builder
  4. I always build when I'm bored, after that I TNT everything hah :D
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  5. I do the exact same XD TNT<3
  6. Ok, bored again I need ideas!
  7. Dirt Mansion. Only use of: Dirt&Grass
  8. This will be interesting...
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  9. Then cover in in grass with bonemeal!
  10. I would've but my game crashed right before I was done :mad:
  11. I build on Emc when I'm bored though
  12. I don't build stuff when I'm bored, but I do go on Smp4 and run the 11000 block track someone made. I do it every time I get bored.
  13. Just finished building this... Now what to do in the middle?
  14. I usually tinker with my redstone contraptions when I'm bored.
  15. I start redstone too :D
  16. I nuked something with a mod pack, but It wouldn't even render after everything was blown to oblivion.
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  17. lol, TNT FTW!
  18. i just test redstone stuff to learn more about that cus i am a noob at redstone stuff but i end up raging cus i dont know what i am doing lawlz :p
  19. I also read the dictionary when I'm bored :)
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  20. Oh and I like the pictures :)
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