Your best pictures!

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  1. Who here likes photography?
    ME... and probably at least 2 others in emc :p
    Here you can show off your best pictures!
    Please don't edit them too much (light levels and contrast ect. is OK)
    Please make them into an album on any site if there is more that 3!
    Also your editing programs can be shared here too!
  2. By the way I am going to post my ones soon!
  3. *angry face* lost connection while uploading :(
  4. Even Better Home!-1003.png
    My home in single player
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  6. Here is my album these are just some of my recent snaps :)
    Im 13 and I have DSLR!
    When I grow up I want to get a job in film making or photography! Im 13 and I have DSLR!

  7. I painted this in art class.
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  8. I like taking pictures on nature and stuff like that!
    I enjoy tramping so it's like the perfect dream job for me!
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  10. may I recommend NOT clicking show full size :)