Your argument is so invalidated.

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Did I invalidate your argument?

Yes 2 vote(s) 6.9%
Yes 5 vote(s) 17.2%
Chuck Norris 22 vote(s) 75.9%
  1. Hi folks! As the title suggests, start invalidating arguments with all of EMC's whackyness. Remember follow forum rules! Let's see where this can go!
  2. As long as I found this on google images all arguments are invalid.

    I found this on google images.
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  3. Your argument is invalid. We aren't folks, we are players of a minecraft server.
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  4. He didn't have an argument so there is nothing to invalidate.
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  5. Lol this has already gotten fun.
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  6. TheOlburgen's post to like ratio invalidates math.
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  7. You're all wrong. I win. :p
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  8. Be a Canadian other than that your argument is invalid
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  9. I'm so invalid by that post. Lol #'Merica
  10. Bump!
    This bump is invalid because only the owner of the thread should bump it.
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  11. You're right, here is a valid bump because yours was invalid. Lol
  12. Yes but there is no such thing as a cold war, because there isn't such a thing as cold.
    Your argument is invalid.
    Here is a scholarly article written by a committee of Harvard grads constructing the correct evidence, that, there is no such thing as cold
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  13. Trump and Clinton supporters are invalid wait who's left then?
  14. Your argument is invalid. There are still third party runners.
  15. Your argument is invalid. I am the president.
  16. This is invalid. Obama hasn't left office yet.
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  17. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Your bomb is invalid.
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