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  1. Hello, and perpare to be bored. My name I go by is ether you, or yg. This is my first server that I have ever been on and I'm loving it. I like to think I am creative and a really good builder, I am right now working on a epic giant tree house. (its taking longer then I would like.)
    Other then that, i am trying to be more talkative for both my sake, and now for this little dragon. (someones suggestion that I took.)
    You_got bored. ;)
  2. Welcome to You!

    I was thinking about making a treehouse too! I mean, a giant tree carved inside out in a nice house...
    Then I thought about the amount of Logs required O.O"
    I quickly decided to grow a super tall jungle tree instead hahaha.
    If you do need logs, I will gladly give you some stacks ;)
  3. Welcome to the Empire :)
  4. Welcome indeed! You_got off to a good start with plans for your residence. See you around!
  5. Ahh yes You_got endless jokes coming your way. Glad You_got on EMC first, You_got lucky ;)
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  6. You_Got trolled by Justin.
  7. Welcome to the server...No, I have no "You_got" jokes. ;)
  8. Shannon, You_got to be kidding me :D
  9. Clever! But, You_got it all wrong. I'm not one to make jokes. >: )
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