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  1. Whenever I'm playing Tekkit, I go onto a specific server. And guess what, I went on tonight and a Player by the name of Hoppy was searching through my chest! He ended up dieing multiple times, overreacted, and had a player in red matter armor murder me, seteal all my hard earned items, and kill me again. All because he thought I had his items(which I didn't). Why do people like this exist! Why do people like this overreact and jump to conclusions! TELL ME!
  2. 3 words, 8 year old's.
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  3. This is the EMC community discussion. This rant should go in the Miscellaneous forum.

    On the other hand, I don't know why they exist. Nobody does except them, and they don't tell us. But usually, it's to troll or get attention.
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