You guys like it?

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  1. Hey everyone, I created something in Singleplayer and I am planning to build it in EMC, got any things I need to approve?


    Mark ;)
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  2. Looks awesome. I say you build it :D
  3. I think that looks really good!
    I especially like the ramp at the front, and the colours are really suitable for the kind of shop it is.
  4. I say go ahead build it!
  5. I need like 2 double chests of obsidian for it.... But I will buy those. :D

    But do you guys think it needs some more improvements?
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  6. Does the version in the video have all the floorspace that the final one will have? As you might end up wanting a bit more room. Having said that, if you were to get this problem, you could always add a cellar underneath it, as it would be a pity to shove another floor inside the main design.

    Appearance-wise, it looks pretty good already, really. :)
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  7. Yeah, I got some space left under the floor, that is where the lava is and stuff, I will maybe use that as storage or something... Let's go for that emeralds than... :D

    I will soon post a thread where I am buying 2 double chests of obsidian (Not sure about prices).
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  8. I sense obsidians out-of-stock invasion on a smp...
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  9. I hope someone is that nice to sell me like a double chest of it, and not that I will have to buy everywhere.... :D
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  10. Awesome job mate :D
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  11. Just pure awesome! Build it!
  12. Why the bump?
  13. Becase that post was more of a bump to this thread.
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  14. Will post the thread about the obsidian today.
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  15. Oh okay, I thought it was completely relevant XD
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  16. don't just build it make it less sqaure even its minecraft:p
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  17. Wooo, amazing. You should definitely build it.
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  18. Linkt o buying thread HERE
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  19. You will need a ton of obsidian to build it, lol. If you want I can tell you the coordinates of the End at smp2.
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  20. You don't need to, I just posted a thread about the obsidian buying. I hope someone will reply.
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