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  1. Whats up EMC!
    Here on the Empire, everyone is friendly (even the creepers!)
    I want to give all my friendly co-empirers a gift! After posting this thread I will be on Smp3 making cakes, a DC to be exact. Once completed I will pas them out to whoever I see on Smp1!
    You know why? Because people love cake.
    Buuut- There a little catch. (Not really related to the cake but oh well)
    I need some help. Now, the project will remain secret, but I'm- well, working on a secret project. I do, however, need to hollow out my res (402(On Smp1(Donated by Rainbowchin(Thanks Rainbowchin))))
    Everyone has destroy flag and I would really be awesome if some of you guys could volunteer to dig with me! I know you guys have your own stuff to do, but hey, you guys are nice so I figured I'd give this a shot.
    So I hope to see you guys there :D
    (As a bonus to those who read all the way through, if you receive a cake an /tell me ";))" you will receive 10 complimentary rupees)
    PS: The cake is in no way a bribe, it's actually unrelated to the digging help.
    PPS: Any chemists out there, is vegetable oil a good place to store Lithium?
    PPPS: Not sure if it somehow damages my reputation to ask for help without pay. If so, sorry
    PPPPS: Gallium is safe if exposed to skin, correct? Yea I'm gonna go with yes.

    PPPPPS: RARRGGGHHGAUIGSK I totally didn't realize but thanks to penfoldex I know its my 450th day her on EMC!!! This is my party!!!
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  2. First,
    It's cool you're doing this, be sure to keep out the mean people :)
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  3. Hahaha sounds cool everybody loves cake :D
  4. Wow that was quick! Getting on now to make cakes :D
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  7. Done cooking! Is Smp1 ready for a party?
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  9. Still have 38 cakes and guess what!! I didnt realize but its my 450th day!!!
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  11. Cake and your Birthday! PARTYYY
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  12. Thanks.
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  13. If anyone missed out on cake, meet up with me on Smp1 tomorrow and I'll give you some. Btw I would like to thank everyone who helped me dig on my res, you guys are awesome!