You Found Me!!

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  1. Hi guys Its me, AussieZaid!
    I have decided to make a really nice event that will go on for a long time starting today! Here is how the event goes: I have hidden A book somewhere in the waste inside a chest On smp2. Your job is to find it and get the book. Read the book once you get it and it will say you have won 100r! Meaning that if you find this book you will win 100r!! The book title will be You Found Me! Read the book (as I said before) and It will tell you what you need to do if you want your 100r for finding the book! Good Luck on finding it and Try your best!

    Happy hunting for the book!
    Sincerely and from: AussieZaid :)
  2. No offense or Anything, but you may want to rethink the reward. I mean, 100r, isn't that much. I don't think people would want to venture out, use food etc. All for 100r. Otherwise I like the idea!!!
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  3. I am going to dedicate my life to finding this book. I will not rest until the book is mine!!!

    you know what would be awesome. if there was a larger reward but no book was actually put in a chest and you get a ton of people wandering around looking for a book that's not even there.
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  4. Im sorry but 100r is the only prize.