You cannot move any further in this direction

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  1. Hello,

    Was in the wastelands searching plains for horses, and suddenly I got an error saying I cannot move any further in this direction. I could not move backward, forward, side to side, up, or down. I thought it might be a glitch, so I logged off, and now I get a Java Fatal Exception when trying to log back in.

    Stranger yet, when I login using my other account, it does the same thing, Java Fatal Exception.

    Any Ideas?
    Thanks in Advance!
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  2. The minecraft session server is currently down, so you wont be able to connect to any multiplayer server. It is usually back up within 20-30 mins though, so just hang tight and work on a single player map until then. :)
    You can check here to see when it comes back online:
  3. Once the session server is back up, try again and shoot me a private convo message if your problem persists. :)