You Asked... And I Delivered

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  1. I have heard countless times from members wishing that they could send rupees to each other online, so today I finally decided to do something about it.

    Before any of you say "This is hooked up to your servers, you will steal our accounts..." I want you to know I have designed the system in a way that only YOU will have the code sent to. Instead of this code being hosted on an individual server that "you can control", your computer will be running the code remotely. Please see the description of the process below:
    Start the code on your computer (Will be in .exe)
    Send the command to your computer (name & amount)
    Computer Opens Minecraft
    Login with the account saved in MC
    Click Multiplayer
    Click EMC Server
    Press "t" (to open chat)
    Enter selected account and rupees
    Press Enter
    Exits out of MC
    So you see, nowhere in this setup is your login being sent to a server. So how far am I in this process? I have split it up into three sets.
    1. Finish Image Recognition
    2. Devise a way for a member to send a start command to the code AFK
    3. Compile code and export to .exe (Then distribute to everyone :) )

    Which set am I on now? *Will be updated*
    Starting 2

    See finished set 1 here!:
    *Please note that it is bad quality and choppy because I used a free recording software, this code can execute in 3-5 seconds, and I promise that I did not move the mouse and fake this :p*
  2. This looks really cool, and is not a hack! :p

    The problem is, most people want to send rupees without logging into the game, because they don't have access to MC.
  3. That's the entire point. The user would start the code on their computer and it would then wait in the background until it is needed. The user who set it up could go off. If the user wanted to send rupees and they weren't at home, they could send the command to the computer saying "name = joshmcf, amount = 1000" and then the computer would do what is in the video with what you specified, but you wouldn't be around your computer.
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  4. Oh, I get how it works now. Ok. Looks cool!
  5. So, what you managed to make it do is pretty cool. But, my impression was that the main idea of this is so that you can pay rupees through without having to login to the minecraft launcher. That way you can still do it if you're on a mobile device without minechat or the minecraft servers are down or you're just lazy. Unless I misunderstood, you can't do that with this correct?
  6. Correct, sadly this is as close as we can get until aikar develops that, but that will be a long time away, as there is much more serious stuff to work on than this
  7. Cool, my mall is in the background of minecraft :D
    lol :p
    Seems pretty cool, however I want the code >_<
  8. Technically you can make it very easily: just make for instance) a vbscript, netscript, javascript, whatever - and save it as a standalone executible in a database you have somewheres (google drive for example) then using html you can have 3 areas - a text area for name, text area for amount, and a button for link activation ...

    the link would then open the script you wrote and the two text areas input the data into the script before it executes ...
  9. Genius, I've been trying to think of ways to do this, and I think I will use your method!
  10. Only one problem with doing that though - individual hrefs link towards one location ... so if you write for instance a script to open minecraft, auto login, and type a command in chat.... this is normally for one type of operating system's file location ....

    some operating systems - like windows 7 or mac ... have different locations to where you load up the program ...

    get where i'm going with this?


    It can still work, just it needs to be non-system biased ...


    but that leaves the main concern - what about mobiles?
  11. I think Jack may be working on something to do with rupees histories on the site, I'm not sure if (if he is in fact doing so) he'll be adding a rupees payment option though.